Hello there, I’m dan le sac and I have been known to make music. I also live stream an inordinate amount over on twitch.tv/danlesac, because interacting with people and making dick jokes is weirdly good for my sanity.

This website is a mess but hopefully you’ll find what you are looking for! Whether it be music related or my occasional ramblings.

All enquiries – talktolesac@gmail.com


> 4 Responses to "About"

  1. Rupert

    Your programming on Stunner is unbelievable mate, well done.

  2. paul

    i was introduced to you art by a good freind realy like your stuff but angles was my favourite

  3. Llama Man

    The excellent journalist Barry Malone brought your stuff to my attention recently…glad he did. Love it.

  4. Tree

    A friend introduced me to your work.
    Tree Notts

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