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A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to make all the music I release available on a “Pay What You Want” basis (aka the Relying on the Kindness of Strangers model). This decision came because the perceived value of music is changing, with streaming services offering vast libraries, why pay £10 for […]

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12.19am and I’m done. Not ‘stick a fork in me’ done, just done. Creative juices are spent yet my head is still yammering away about I don’t know what. Well, I do know what. The Work. Honesty. Validation. Fear. See what I’m working on is difficult for me, it’s for a game, music to support […]

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It’s 10 years to the day since my first show as dan le sac. 10 years since Scroob and I made those first tentative steps to becoming a band. 10 years since my life changed direction so dramatically and unexpectedly that I’m still not entirely sure it all actually happened. In that time, with the […]

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All sorts of wonderful!

So as most of you know, Scroobius Pip and I are releasing a new album called Repent Replenish Repeat on Oct 7th! Its our first new noise for 3 years and we are getting stupidly excited about it! This post is kind of an “incase you missed it” type dealy, lots has happened so far […]

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Download this!

So the Four Thousand Thumbnails video has smashed the 4000 views mark on Youtube, and as promised you can now download it for free! Feel free to sling it around, so damn happy to get it out there! Here’s the download link again if you can’t see the player… download here!

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FTT Competition #3 – The Finale!

Amazing response yesterday, kinda impressive how much you all like free stuff! Going to be the last one today so there will be 3 winners! So the final prizes are  Logic of Chance CD / Space Between the Words CD / 3x Limited Single Promo’s. So the final task is… Spot Nick Frost with his […]

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FTT Competition #2 – The Return

So yesterdays comp went well, so many responses but only one winner! Mr Ant Martin, please stand up! He was the first to spot Hitler at 5.13. He took the Thou Shalt 7″ as his prize so this is what we have up for grabs today… I’ve got Angles CD / Logic of Chance CD / […]

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FTT Competition #1

So all week I am going to be running little cheeky competitions for you choice of one of these lovely prizes… So I’ve got Angles CD / Logic of Chance CD / Space Between the Words CD / 3x Limited Single Promo’s / Oh and the uber limited Thou Shalt 7″ Vinyl all up for […]

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