Posted on June 8th, 2016

It’s 10 years to the day since my first show as dan le sac. 10 years since Scroob and I made those first tentative steps to becoming a band. 10 years since my life changed direction so dramatically and unexpectedly that I’m still not entirely sure it all actually happened.

In that time, with the support of beautiful strangers who liked what Scroob and I did (together or apart), I’ve managed to release five albums, performed far more than a thousand shows around the world, and above all, have a veritable shit ton of fun along the way. And whilst all this happened, I wrote hundreds of songs that you’ll never hear, incomplete pieces, tracks overthrown by more pertinent projects, ideas that never quite found their solidity, sketches without a home.

90% of this work I’m happy for no one to ever hear, I’m glad to leave them standing in silence on my learning curve, but some I cherish too much to leave unheard, some pull me back to tweak and change long after I should have put them to bed.

What do you do with a body of work nagging you and the anniversary of the most important day of your life threatening to pass unmarked? My only answer is to combine the two.

So today that is what I’m doing. I’ve fleshed out these ideas, made them something new, I’ve given them the love they need to be complete, and now I’m giving them to you.

Cherished, Overthrown [06-16] is now on Bandcamp and you can pay whatever you want for it, including zilch. It seems fitting to me that my way of celebrating this decade’s close has such symmetry with how it began, Scroob and I are one of those pesky Myspace bands after all.

Thank you all for changing this boy’s life, I am eternally grateful. Onward to a brand new decade.

Cherished Overthrown web

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