6 to go!

Posted on October 23rd, 2012

7 gigs in 7 days and I’m surprisingly chirpy, I’m meant to be jaded by now surely? It’s now the final leg, we’ve done a lot of gigs to get here but it feels great to have more to come! 6 to be precise.

In the past week we’ve… been tourists in Lincoln, watched a man who looked too much like Danny Glover play Bob Dylan songs, had things stolen, been told we’re shit, been told we’re amazing, sold more CDs than we deserve, sold more T-shirts than expected, witnessed the worst local support act of all time, made too many dirty jokes, had petty arguments, realised they only sell tiny tiny ladies clothes in Hull, played to an empty room in Preston yet still had fun, played to a full room in Cambridge, and actually realised Cambridge audiences can be kinda dope. We’ve got tighter, we’ve got funnier, we’ve got thinner. One of us vomited for no reason, one of us vomited for all the right reasons, someone had the sex, we found a Berlin Riot Club in a completely unexpected place, we’ve driven over Snakes Pass a little too fast, acted like buffoons in the street, and realised that I could actually walk away from this tour £81 better off than I started, not a bad week I think you’ll agree!

I keep experiencing the realisation that getting to do this is something I’m truly grateful for, we’re meeting good people every day, we’re making people laugh every day, it’s a damn wonderful thing that this is my job!

Oh I read a review of the London show, it wasn’t good, but they said things happened that didn’t so I guess it wasn’t a good review in more ways than one. 😉

6 to go!

25th – ACADEMY 2Newcastle / with MERZ
26th – THE KAZIMIERLiverpool / with MERZ 
28th – THE DUCHESSYork / with MERZ
29th – SUB89Reading / with MERZ & 3.1419 WONDERS
31st – BOILEROOMGuildford / with 3.1419 WONDERS

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  1. Billie [not milly!]

    You’ll never find a better crowd than us cambridgshirians!
    Can’t wait for the next time you play here again, we’ll be at the front partying hard!
    Sure you’ll have fun at your other venues but none will compare to last night as you know.

    Much love!

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