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Posted on September 2nd, 2013

So as most of you know, Scroobius Pip and I are releasing a new album called Repent Replenish Repeat on Oct 7th! Its our first new noise for 3 years and we are getting stupidly excited about it! This post is kind of an “incase you missed it” type dealy, lots has happened so far and we have be a touch poop about posting outside of our social networks.

So what have you missed….

Firstly the free download and video for Stunner, our monstrous little reintroduction to the world! Check out the video below and grab your free download right here. (you don’t have to give us and email address or anything, just click and its yours!)

Secondly, our very first single from this new record has just hit the airwaves, and it was only bloody co-produced by Flux Pavilion wasn’t it! It’s called Gold Teeth and its a beastie! Keep your radio on and ears peeled, fingers crossed we’ll get the video finished and up on youtube soon!

And finally we’ve got the pre-orders ready and going great guns! For the US/Canada you can order from Strange Famous and in the UK/Europe hop over to Sunday Best. Then of course you can always pop over and pre-order from iTunes or Amazon et al!

More delightful news soon!

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