FTT Competition #2 – The Return

Posted on March 27th, 2013

So yesterdays comp went well, so many responses but only one winner! Mr Ant Martin, please stand up! He was the first to spot Hitler at 5.13. He took the Thou Shalt 7″ as his prize so this is what we have up for grabs today…


I’ve got Angles CD / Logic of Chance CD / Space Between the Words CD / 3x Limited Single Promo’s, still everything to play for me thinks!

So the second question is… Spot the Michael Jackson Pumpkin Head! Answers to talktolesac[at]gmail[dot]com ASAP!

Remember it’s the first person to email me with the correct, comments on here, facebook, twitter etc don’t count!

Good luck!


> 2 Responses to "FTT Competition #2 – The Return"

  1. Sam Ashton

    Sorry, read the rules, ignore that…

  2. arnaud

    man I dont know where this is, but listening to the song at 0.25x speed was such an experience… Grandiose..

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