dls Vs Kid A, oh and a lil bit more…

Posted on December 5th, 2012

During the last tour I made some copies of the Kid A EP I produced as an extra little bonus at the merch stand, now they are an extra little bonus on my webstore. These are the last copies I have Kid A’s permission to make so if you want one, now is the time! All copies were signed by me with my girlfriends silver pen no less!

AND if you fancy hearing it before you spend your cash, here’s a little taster…

AND AND AND whilst I was signing those I ended up signing a few copies of Space Between The Words (CD & Vinyl) for the store too, you never know the might be worth something someday! πŸ˜‰

You can find the store atΒ http://danlesac.sandbag.uk.com/, it’s my first proper merch shop and it feels pretty good that I can get things to you directly, instead of you having to go to tax dodging shite bags to grab them! πŸ˜‰

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