The table below should be full (well maybe not full exactly) of all my LIVE, DJ, & VS SCROOBIUS PIP bookings, if not try my facebook page!

> 13 Responses to "live"

  1. Nk

    Your not just a log on the fire, your a catalyst for a brighter pyre.

    Thank you

  2. Duncan

    Any chance of popping over to Dublin?

    • dan le sac

      Hopefully there is!……..

  3. Mike

    Is Mr Pip one of the friends for the Exeter gig?

    • dan le sac

      Sadly not fella, might defeat the object of taking time off to do other things ;)

  4. name

    Hows about Nottingham?

  5. That guy who asks all the questions.

    We love you Le Sac!!! Yours always Glasgow xxx

    • dan le sac

      Really wish the Glasgow show hadn’t fallen through!

  6. Mary

    Dublin at anytime soon? Pleaseeee!!

  7. Matt

    How do I get you to play in Sheffield?!


  8. dana fox

    come to new york, ya gotta place to stay on the upper east side

    • Tom E

      Yes please come to NYC

  9. Al

    Fancy coming down and playing a gig in Cornwall in exchange for some surf lessons?!

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