The table below should be full (well maybe not full exactly) of all my LIVE, DJ, & VS SCROOBIUS PIP bookings, if not try my facebook page!

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  1. Nk

    Your not just a log on the fire, your a catalyst for a brighter pyre.

    Thank you

  2. Duncan

    Any chance of popping over to Dublin?

    • dan le sac

      Hopefully there is!……..

  3. Mike

    Is Mr Pip one of the friends for the Exeter gig?

    • dan le sac

      Sadly not fella, might defeat the object of taking time off to do other things 😉

  4. name

    Hows about Nottingham?

  5. That guy who asks all the questions.

    We love you Le Sac!!! Yours always Glasgow xxx

    • dan le sac

      Really wish the Glasgow show hadn’t fallen through!

  6. Mary

    Dublin at anytime soon? Pleaseeee!!

  7. Matt

    How do I get you to play in Sheffield?!


  8. dana fox

    come to new york, ya gotta place to stay on the upper east side

    • Tom E

      Yes please come to NYC

      • David B

        Agree on NYC – Brooklyn calls

  9. Al

    Fancy coming down and playing a gig in Cornwall in exchange for some surf lessons?!

  10. JT1

    Saw you and Scroob in Brussels earlier in the year. Great show, really loved the small set you did at the end too, keep up the good work!

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