Welcome to the music page, weirdly it’s got a ton of music on it, now there’s a coincidence. Use the navigation to the right (——>) to find free downloads, streams and release information.

Also if you’d like to submit a demo to Dumb Drum for our upcoming gigs and releases, just clicky here.

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  1. Mark

    Hey bud, your set at the B. Dolan gig on Monday was ace! Nice work man. Is there a recorded version of the War Pigs drum and bass Track? Would love to listen to that again. Cheers, Mark.

  2. Shannon

    Where can I find lyrics for long night of life? I will upload them of you give me them please this can’t be my favorite song and me not know what your saying!!! 🙁

    • dan le sac

      Here you go!


      Life gets tired of living
      Devoid of light
      In the mid-watches of the night

      They admit no ending
      Life gets tired of living
      Long night of life
      In the night, in the night

      The sun’s perpetuity
      Such is the nature of people

      The quiet of friend
      Such is the nature of people

      She’ll make time

      Long night

      That’s the very real thing, Not the winning but enduring

  3. Mark

    One of the loveliest songs I know – fabulous job DLS. Do you have anything else like this? I listened to a few tunes, but nothing like this exquisite track.

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